While we’re on the ground every day, recovering and distributing food, We Don’t Waste believes that advocacy plays an incredibly important role in creating positive change. From local green initiatives to federal nutrition policies, it’s important to have your voice heard!

Policies we support

Support the federal Food Donation Improvement Act!

The Food Donation Improvement Act – this bipartisan legislation would expand the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act by promoting awareness and would clarify and extend liability protections to food donors. Our hope is that this act will increase food donations, as many donors site liability fears as the reason they don’t donate excess. Let’s get more food to people, and keep it out of the landfill!

Sign our petition now and show your support!


Healthy School Meals for All – Yes on FF!

This November, Colorado voters can ensure access to free, nutritious meals made with quality ingredients for all students in public schools by voting YES on Proposition FF. 

More than 60,000 kids in Colorado can’t afford school meals, but don’t qualify for free or reduced-price lunches, and 2 out of every 5 Colorado families struggle to put food on the table for their children. We know this firsthand, as more than 40% of our Mobile Food Market recipients are youth.

Kids need a full stomach to learn, and by voting YES on FF we can feed kids while supporting Colorado agriculture.


Waste No More Denver – Yes on Denver ballot measure 306!

By recycling and composting, we can combat climate change and tackle waste. Waste reduction is key to We Don’t Waste’s mission, and we do this by saving food, composting anything that isn’t edible, and even recycling our pallet wrap! But…access to compost and recycling isn’t across the board in Denver. Despite creating 55% of waste in Denver, businesses (including apartment complexes) don’t have to provide recycling and composting services. Let’s close the gap and stop filling the landfill.