Partner Distribution

nonprofit partners

We Don’t Waste is driven by the idea that we are only as strong as our compassion for one another. Motivated by our mission to support the community and the environment, we provide quality food at no cost to nonprofit organizations feeding people experiencing hunger.

How to Become a nonprofit partner

If your organization or agency is registered as a 501 (c)(3), you may qualify to receive food from We Don’t Waste based on availability. Due to a recent increase in demand, we are operating off of a waitlist and are currently not accepting new applications to become a food recipient partner. If you have any questions or want to inquire about an existing application, please contact our team through the link below.

Here Are some of our partners

Honestly, without We Don’t Waste’s support we would not be able to have a food pantry. We would go back to primarily serving as a snack-stop for students to get things like ramen or crackers.

Community College of Denver

Our students and family members always tell us how grateful they are for the quality fruit, veggies and protein. Students always tell us how excited they are to find their favorite foods and they don’t have to pay for them!

Denver South High School Food Pantry

We Don’t Waste has been a wonderful partner of ours. Because of our diet modifications, the food that we can take and not take is sometimes very specific. The team is always attentive and aware of our needs and is often reaching out to us when specific items we use arrive in their warehouse. That additional personal touch goes a long way. Our organizations are often found in the same space, and I love the partnership we have. I will always recommend We Don’t Waste for anyone looking for assistance with procuring or donating excess product.

Project Angel Heart