Saving the servings

We Don’t Waste was founded in 2009 with a mission to make an impact on food waste. Today, we are one of the largest food recovery organizations in Colorado.

We prioritize rescuing perishable items such as fresh produce, lean proteins, and dairy products. Not only do these foods have a shorter shelf life, but their production has the greatest impact on the environment. As an added benefit, we’re able to provide families and individuals with fresh foods, which can be very difficult to access, particularly for families living in food deserts.

And we’re able to supplement the food assistance provided by our partner nonprofits. This allows our nonprofit recipient partners to consistently serve people with healthy and wholesome foods without increasing their operating costs — and allows them to spend more of their precious financial resources on other programming, rather than purchasing food.

Food Recovery

We Don’t Waste started with a simple question: Why should businesses throw away perfectly good food, while people in our community are going hungry?

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Partner Distribution

We Don’t Waste is driven by the idea that we are only as strong as our compassion for one another. Motivated by our mission to support the community and the environment, we provide quality food at no cost to nonprofit organizations feeding people experiencing food insecurity.

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Mobile Food Markets

In the Metro Denver area, there are approximately 50 food deserts — neighborhoods without access to affordable, fresh, and nutritious foods. To address this problem, We Don’t Waste developed a Mobile Food Market to reach further into the community, providing our neighbors healthy, nutritious foods.

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Education & Engagement

Food waste is a problem that we can all tackle together! Learn more about what you can do at home, at work, and at school to take on food waste!

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Get involved

There are ways for everyone to get involved with We Don’t Waste. Donate, volunteer, or attend an event to help us fulfill our mission together!