Corporate Opportunities

We Don’t Waste would love to partner with your company to accomplish your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals. You can help We Don’t Waste feed our community and help the environment, and we can help you engage your employees, promote your brand, and partner around a shared purpose.

Event Sponsorships

We Don’t Waste has several events throughout the year, including our exciting “Fill A Plate for Hunger” event held every Fall.

Contact our Development Team if you are interested in becoming an event sponsor at 720-443-6113 ext. 2 or development@wedontwaste.org.

Program Sponsorships

You can sponsor a specific initiative or program offered by We Don’t Waste. Contact us at development@wedontwaste.org for
more information. Options include:

  • Mobile Food Market
  • Food Recovery
  • Nonprofit Partner Distribution
  • Food Waste and Nutrition Education

Cause-Related Marketing can create a win-win for your business and We Don’t Waste’s work. Donate a portion of the proceeds for an item or service and we’ll help you spread the word to the community! Learn about our current brand partnerships or contact us at development@wedontwaste.org to get involved.

Group Volunteering

There are plenty of opportunities to get your employees involved as a group – give your employees an opportunity to help their community, conduct team-building, and create engagement among your workforce.

Options include working at our Mobile Food Market food distributions, bagging/sorting food at our Distribution Center, or breaking down bulk items for easier distribution to food-insecure families See all current opportunities listed on our volunteer page or contact us to learn more at volunteer@wedontwaste.org.

Workplace Giving

Partner with your employer and coworkers to help We Don’t Waste fight food insecurity and food waste. There are many ways to give through your workplace, including Employer Matching/Volunteer Gifts, Payroll Deductions and Employee-Advised Funds. In most cases, simply designate your donation to Wedontwaste, Inc. (or our dba We Don’t Waste) or use our EIN, 27-0585966.

Employer Matching/Volunteer Gifts

Many companies offer matching gifts or financial contributions for employee volunteer hours. Use our search tool on the Corporate Giving page to find out if your employer offers gift matching or contact your HR representative to learn more about Volunteer/Matching gifts.

Payroll Deductions

We Don’t Waste is a member of CHC: Creating Healthier Communities, a workplace-giving partner that brings communities, nonprofits, and businesses together around a shared commitment to better health and wellbeing. We Don’t Waste’s CHC brochure code is B18710.

If you are a federal or state employee, you can give through the Combined Federal Campaign (using our code, which is 15377) or the Colorado Combined Campaign (insert #). For private-sector employees, search for We Don’t Waste or our EIN (27-0585966).

Employee-Advised Funds

If your company has a fund set up for employee giving, please consider nominating We Don’t Waste to receive a grant!

If you are a decision-maker at your company, please see the Corporate Opportunities section above for more ways to partner with We Don’t Waste or contact development@wedontwaste.org.

If you have any questions about giving to We Don’t Waste through your workplace, contact us at development@wedontwaste.org or 720-443-6113 ext. 2.

Donate Stock

Donating stock can be a great way to support We Don’t Waste at a higher level than you might be able to otherwise. In addition to being fully tax deductible, a stock donation can avoid capital gains taxes on the appreciation of stock.

Please contact us at (720) 443-6113 ext. 2 or development@wedontwaste.org to advise us of your generous donation and we can provide the necessary information.

Donate Through Your IRA

It is easy to donate funds through your IRA (if you are 72 years old or older). Not to mention, you may receive financial and/or tax benefits that you might not receive otherwise!

Contact your IRA custodian or financial institution. Feel free to use this sample donation letter.

Have questions? Contact us or your financial advisor to learn more. Always consult your tax professional or financial advisor to confirm your qualifications, benefits, and restrictions.

Donate Cryptocurrency

With more than 300 million crypto users worldwide and the value of many cryptocurrencies rising, the crypto community is in a position to make a wide-reaching impact through philanthropy. Donating crypto is also one of the most tax-efficient ways for you to support a healthier, happier community.

Endowment/Legacy Giving

Giving a gift through your will, trust, or donor-advised fund can build a better future for your neighbors. Benefits of legacy giving can include:

  • Helping ensure the future health and sustainability of We Don’t Waste, our community, and our planet!
  • Substantial tax savings, reduced income tax, and/or avoidance of capital gains tax (depending on the type of gift).

Options for Legacy Giving include:

  • Outright Gifts
  • Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Deferred Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Donor Advised Fund
  • Donor Designated Fund
  • Will / Living Trust

In most cases, Legacy Gifts can be made (1) outright, (2) by naming We Don’t Waste in your will or trust, or (3) by naming We Don’t Waste as a beneficiary of your IRA, 401(k), 403(b) (or other retirement plan) or donor-advised fund.

Contact us at development@wedontwaste.org to learn more.

Donor-Advised Funds

A Donor-Advised Fund makes it easy for donors to dedicate funds to support We Don’t Waste.

Give to We Don’t Waste through your Donor Advised Fund today! Use the button below to get started or contact your financial advisor or donate through DAF Direct.

Colorado Tax Refund

The State of Colorado now allows you to donate all or a portion of your state tax refund to We Don’t Waste.


When preparing your taxes, include:

Nonprofit Name: We Don’t Waste

We Don’t Waste’s Secretary of State CCSA Registration Number: 20123006737

Both name and number are required to efficiently and accurately make sure that the nonprofit the taxpayer intended gets the donation

Amount of Donation

When making a donation through Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit Fund the taxpayer can:

  • Only designate ONE write-in nonprofit
  • Give all or a part of their refund
  • Only give up to the amount of their total refund (donations over the refund amount are void)

Note: Different tax filing software programs (like TurboTax) will display prompts for tax filers getting refunds in various ways ⎯ look for “Donate to a Colorado Fund.” If you are using a tax preparer, like H&R Block or a CPA, provide your tax preparer We Don’t Waste’s name, CCSA registration number (20123006737) and amount.

Donate Your Car

Donating an unwanted car, truck, RV or boat is a great way to make a larger donation than you might be able to in cash. Plus, it’s easier and faster than selling your vehicle on your own and can make a big impact on your community! Consider donating your unwanted car in support of We Don’t Waste.

We Don’t Waste has partnered with Vehicles For Charity to process donated vehicles. Fill out this form or call 1-866-628-2277 with any questions.

Additional Ways to Give

If you use Venmo, you can simply send a donation to @WeDontWaste!

Host a fundraiser for We Don’t Waste
Getting your community to support We Don’t Waste can be a great way to make a bigger gift than you can by yourself, while also spreading awareness about our work.