Mobile Food Markets

The Problem

In the Metro Denver area, there are approximately 50 food apartheids–neighborhoods that have been historically and presently discriminated against, where politics, racial injustice, and economic policy have shaped a landscape without access to affordable, fresh, and nutritious foods. People who live in these neighborhoods often rely on fast food and convenience stores for food, or they have to travel long distances to the closest grocery stores, which presents barriers for those without transportation or those who have mobility challenges.

Compounding this problem, many of these neighborhoods don’t have a food pantry, or the existing food pantries aren’t able to fully meet the community need (due to limited funding, staffing, storage capacity, etc.).

Our Solution

To address this problem, We Don’t Waste developed our Mobile Food Market initiative to reach further into the community, serving people with healthy, nutritious food, such as fresh fruit, vegetables, lean protein, and dairy.

Our markets are open to everyone, no matter what your circumstances are.

Dates and Times of Free Food Markets / Fechas y Horarios de los Mercados de Alimentos Gratuitos

Please note that all Mobile Food Markets are walk-through (where attendees can walk up and shop).

Tenga en cuenta que nuestros mercados móviles de alimentos son recogidos a pie (donde los participantes pueden caminar y comprar).

Notice: Plentiful App Check-In

Please be aware that if you are using the Plentiful App to check-in prior to a Mobile Food Market, that there is currently an error within the map system that directs you to our Food Recovery Hub as opposed to the market address. Please double-check that the address you are headed to matches the title of the market, not our office at 6090 E 39th Avenue, Denver CO 80207.

Please help us make the check-in process go faster by downloading the Plentiful app: https://plntfl.app/l/app and creating a profile! Or text FOOD to 726-879. You can then search the map for We Don’t Waste markets, and select the event you’d like to attend. Please register in advance to help make the check-in/pick-up process faster!

Tenga en cuenta que si está utilizando la aplicación Plentiful para registrarse antes de un mercado, hay un error en el sistema de mapas que lo dirige a nuestro Food Recovery Hub en lugar de la dirección del mercado. Verifique que la dirección a la que se dirige coincida con el título del mercado, no con nuestra oficina en 6090 E 39th Avenue, Denver CO 80207.

Ayúdenos a acelerar el proceso de registro descargando la aplicación Plentiful: https://plntfl.app/l/app y creando un perfil. O envíe un mensaje de texto con COMIDA al 726-879. Luego puede buscar en el mapa los mercados de We Don’t Waste y seleccionar el evento al que le gustaría asistir. ¡Regístrese con anticipación para ayudar a que el proceso de check-in/recogida sea más rápido!

Upcoming Events

how does it work? como funciona?

The Mobile Food Market is a monthly opportunity where everyone can come to shop for food at NO COST. Attendees are able to select the items that they want and need. We cannot guarantee specific food items ahead of time, but will have a selection of produce, dairy, proteins, bakery products, and shelf-stable products.

The Market is free and open to everyone!

La despensa de comida móvil es una oportunidad mensual cuando quien sea puede obtener a comida SIN COSTO. Los participantes pueden elegir los productos que quieren y necesitan. No podemos garantizar que productos específicos se ofrecerán cada semana, pero tendremos una selección amplia de frutas y verduras, productos lácteos, panes, y productos no perecederos.

¡La despensa está ABIERTO y GRATIS para todos!

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“Our partnership with We Don’t Waste began in March 2019. Since then, we have served our Globeville, Elyria, Swansea community with free mobile food markets every month. Many families are facing economic challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic and have come to rely on these food markets. For me personally, the markets are one of my only opportunities to connect with families in-person and help ensure that everyone’s basic needs are being met. This aspect of personal connection is what so many of us are missing during COVID, and it’s what makes my work so meaningful. We Don’t Waste provides not only vital access to free, healthy food; but also a strong sense of community among our families.” – Grace Soulen, Community Engagement Manager, Focus Points Family Resource Center

We Don’t Waste has been an invaluable partner to families at Escuela de Guadalupe and show up to serve the community in rain, snow, or shine! We are so proud to partner with their incredible team who puts community and service first.

Natalie Hopper, Director of Philanthropy, Escuela de Guadalupe

Huge thanks to our market sponsors!