Food Recovery

The quickest way to reach us is to call our team at 720-943-2690. You can also email our team at food@wedontwaste.org, or fill out the form below and our team will reach out within 1-2 business days.

We Don’t Waste started with a simple question: Why should businesses throw away perfectly good food, while people in our community are going hungry?

We’ve been fortunate to work with amazing local businesses⏤restaurants, venues, caterers, distributors, producers, and institutions⏤who agree with our vision. Currently, we have over 200 active food donors, and we are always looking for new partners who want to help us keep good food out of the landfill!

Become a Food Donor

Provide quality food to struggling families and individuals by donating unused food items to We Don’t Waste. There is always a need for high-demand items such as fresh fruit, veggies, dairy, and protein.

All our partners are protected from liability by the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act (Pub. L. No 104-210, 110 Stat. 3011(1996)) as long as safe food handling procedures are followed.


your donation is key to ending food waste and food insecurity in the denver metro area

1. Contact us

Email us at food@wedontwaste.org or call us at 720-943-2690, and we will get back to you within 1-2 business days.

2. We recover the food

It’s that simple! After a brief consultation to discuss donation standards, we will schedule a FREE pick-up or drop-off. Your food is now helping to fight food insecurity in Denver instead of being left to rot in a landfill.

ARE you a driver/carrier with rejected food?

Donate it!

We Don’t Waste will recover the food and save you money on dump fees!

  • Accept various sizes of donations, from one pallet up to a full truckload
  • Four standard-height docks
  • Staff will be present to receive you and unload
  • You will be provided with an in-kind donation form


Is We Don’t Waste a Food Bank?

No, We Don’t Waste is not a food bank. However, many of the items we obtain are provided to local food banks, along with food pantries, shelters, youth-focused organizations, and others!

Is there a fee for We Don’t Waste’s services?

We Don’t Waste does not charge any fees to either its food donors or recipient agencies. We also require our nonprofit partners to offer food for free to their participants.

What type of food does We Don’t Waste accept?

We take safe, consumable, and unused foods! This includes a wide variety of foods, including fresh fruit, greens, vegetables, meats, dairy, shelf-stable products, baked goods, desserts, prepared foods, frozen foods, snacks, beverages, bottled water, and vegan products.

Short-dated items (dependent on the item), items out of code, trucking/carrier rejections, products that experienced damage during transit, prepared foods labeled with production date, bulk items (dependent on the item), and overages/excess items are all acceptable as well!

What types of food does We Don’t Waste not accept?

We do not accept the following:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Non-food items 
  • Recalled items
  • Any product with signs of pest activity or infestation (i.e., rodents & insects)
  • Cross-contaminated items (including biological, physical, and chemical contaminations)
  • Items that have been contaminated through cross-contact of allergens, and therefore, the allergen is not declared on the packaging
  • Unsealed or open packaging
  • Items not held at proper temperatures
  • Items not cooled down properly
  • Any other food that is not safe to be consumed by humans (food for trash, compost, etc.)

Does We Don’t Waste accept in-person food donations?

Yes! Please call ahead at 720.943.2690 to provide some information about your in-person donation.

Does We Don’t Waste adhere to food safety standards?

Yes! We take food safety very seriously. All employees hold food safety certification, from our Executive Director to our Food Recovery Specialists. You can feel comfortable knowing that your food will be kept food-safe from the time from the time we pick it up to the time it reaches individuals in need.

Please see the above for the foods we do not accept.

What are my liabilities with regard to the donation of food?

The Federal Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act and the Food Donation Improvement Act Colorado protect all food donors from legal action so long as they follow food safety requirements.

Does We Don’t Waste pick up food donations?

Yes! We have a fleet of trucks, ranging in size from 10-26’, all of which are refrigerated. We require a minimum of 250 servings to send out the trucks.

When does We Don’t Waste pick up food or accept donations?

We accept donations from 8AM to 3:30PM Monday through Friday. There may be circumstances in which exceptions are made. Please contact our team to learn more.

Is there a location where I can drop off food to be distributed by We Don’t Waste?

Yes. Please contact us for more info and to schedule a delivery! Call 720.943.2690 or email us at food@wedontwaste.org.

Do we accept smaller food donations? (From home gardens, restaurants, etc.)

Yes! Please get in contact with us to cover the specifics of your donation. Call 720.934.2690 or email us at food@wedontwaste.org.

Can I donate expired food?

Depending on the type of food/packaging, we can accept certain expired foods. Please contact us at 720.943.2690.