We envision a future where good food will not be wasted and negatively impact the environment. Where food-insecure families and individuals can thrive without worrying about where their next meal will come from. And where excess food has an easy and direct line to communities in need.

Our Mission

We increase food access and protect the planet by rescuing and repurposing food, while educating and advocating to increase food security and decrease food waste.

Our Vision

Food goes to people, not landfills, and is accessible to all.

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Rather than sending food to the landfill, We Don’t Waste believes that good food should feed people. It’s a relatively simple concept, with a big impact! As our tagline notes…when we save food, we get to protect the planet and feed people!

Saving Food

More than 50 million pounds of food recovered since 2009

Feeding People

Where does the food go?

Protecting the Planet

Since 2009, we have prevented the release of 97 million lbs of co2e – saving the emissions created by driving a car over 113 million miles

Mobile Food Markets:

In winter 2019, We Don’t Waste began partnering with organizations located in food deserts by bringing a Mobile Food Market to their sites. Currently, We Don’t Waste hosts eight markets a month, serving thousands of people.

Community-based hunger-relief organizations:

We Don’t Waste serves over 100 hunger-relief organizations, ranging from soup kitchens, to school food pantries, shelters, and food banks. Agencies report that they save an average of $27,000 each year on food because of We Don’t Waste.

History &

We Don’t Waste began in 2009 with one man, a vision, and a Volvo. Noticing how much good food was going to waste, founder Arlan Preblud decided to take it upon himself to deliver the excess to local food banks.

We Don’t Waste has grown into a full operation led by Arlan’s passion and vision. In 2023, we moved into an 30,000-square-foot Food Recovery Hub. With a fleet of refrigerated trucks (a special place for Volvo’s still in our heart) and a growing staff — our impact continues to grow across the Denver metro region.

We’re proud to lead initiatives where we can connect with our community personally and help food go further. Check out what we’re up to and learn about how you can get involved!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is We Don’t Waste a Food Bank?

No, We Don’t Waste is not a food bank. However, many of the items we obtain are provided to local food banks, along with food pantries, shelters, youth-focused organizations, and others!

Is there a fee for We Don’t Waste’s services?

We Don’t Waste does not charge any fees to either its food donors or recipient agencies. We also require our nonprofit partners to offer food free-of-charge to their participants.

Does We Don’t Waste pick up food from individuals?

We Don’t Waste does not pick up food from individuals, as we cannot guarantee the integrity of the food required for food safety.

What are my liabilities with regard to the donation of food?

The Federal Good Samaritan Act and Food Donation Improvement Act, along with Colorado’s Good Samaritan Act of the State of Colorado protect all donors so long as they follow food safety requirements. You can read more about the Good Samaritan Act on our food donation page.

Does We Don’t Waste pick up excess food from buffet tables?

For food safety reasons, We Don’t Waste, only recovers food that has not been put out for public consumption.

Does We Don’t Waste pick up food at night?

Because of logistical issues, We Don’t Waste does not pick up at night, except in special circumstances.

Is there a location where I can drop off food to be distributed by We Don’t Waste?

Yes. Please contact us for more info and to schedule a delivery! Call 720.943.2690 or email us at food@wedontwaste.org.

Is there a limit to the quantity of food you can collect and distribute?

To provide appropriate quantities to our agency partners, We Don’t Waste requires a minimum of 300 pounds to send a refrigerated truck.

If you are able to deliver the food to our Distribution Center, we may be able to accept smaller donations. Please call 720.943.2690 or email us at food@wedontwaste.org to discuss further.

Do you deliver food to individuals?

We serve individuals at our regular Mobile Food Markets. We also provide food to community-based agencies that, in turn, provide food to individuals, as they deem appropriate. If you are hungry or otherwise in need of assistance, please call United Way’s 211 “Get Connected, Get Help” 2-1-1, or reach out to Hunger Free Colorado at (855)-855-4626.

How can we partner with We Don’t Waste?

You can find information on how to partner with We Don’t Waste on our Food Donor page or the Food Recipient page.

What areas of Denver do you serve?

We Don’t Waste currently serves the Denver Metropolitan area.

Where can I find information on We Don’t Waste’s financials?

We Don’t Waste releases annual reports every year with updated financial information. You can review our most recent financials, form 990’s, and annual reports along with information about our commitment to accountability here.

Our team

Gabriel Albelo

Lead Food Recovery Specialist

Food Recovery Specialist

Being able to have a positive impact in people’s lives by recovering and re-distributing food to the
community is something that I genuinely take pride in doing. I also help at Markets and lend my Spanish
speaking skills to the team when in need! Achieving all of this with a wonderful team makes the experience even better.

Being to help others and actually have a positive impact in society is something that We Don’t
Waste offers and being able to contribute to that is an incredibly important thing for me personally.

Brandon Anderson

Mobile Market Manager

Brandon works at every Mobile Food Market helping give the food our amazing team recovers to families experiencing food insecurity while sharing awful puns with anyone unfortunate enough to hear him. Next time you see Brandon at a market, be sure to say hi!

In his spare time Brandon loves to study the culinary arts, travel, and teach. When asked about We Don’t Waste’s mission, Brandon says, “We Don’t Wastes mission means more than I can put in words. As someone who comes from a family of social workers and who uses culinary arts as a way of communication, We Don’t Waste combines the two most important factors in my life. I could not be prouder to be a part of this amazing organization.”

Ruby Calderon

Food Recovery Specialist

Tim Calleja

Sr. Food Recovery Specialist

Recognizing the synergies between his culinary skills and the food recovery mission, Tim joined the team as a Food Recovery Specialist. His culinary background equips him with an in-depth knowledge of food safety, preservation techniques, and creative ways to repurpose ingredients. This expertise has proven invaluable in minimizing food waste and ensuring that rescued items are brought to places that can transform them into delicious, wholesome meals for those facing food insecurity.

Tim brings a unique blend of culinary expertise and a passion for food recovery to the team at We Don’t Waste. His journey into the world of food recovery began with a deep realization during his career as a chef – the enormous potential to transform surplus food into nourishment for those in need.

Kim Claustro

Office, Operations & Mobile Market Assistant

Barona DiNapoli

Sr. Program Manager: Volunteer & Community Outreach

At We Don’t Waste, Barona communicates with and organizes our amazing team of volunteers as they sort, package, and distribute food to the hunger-relief agencies we serve and to the families that attend at our Mobile Food Markets.

In her spare time she likes to ride her bike and search for the front range’s best yard sales.

Barona believes that food is a powerful tool for bringing communities together and that redistributing excess food addresses numerous growing needs in our community.

Kyle Endres

Executive Director

Kyle works to ensure We Don’t Waste has the funding and ability to support its vital work. You can usually find Kyle interacting with donors, working on grant proposals, or thinking about how We Don’t Waste can have an even bigger impact on the community. And he occasionally gets to help move food around the Distribution Center.

In his spare time, you’re likely to find Kyle playing silly games with his kids.

Kyle says that he’s excited to go to work every day because of his vital role in giving people food that they need, supporting fellow nonprofits with free food, and keeping good food out of the landfill to help protect the environment.

Jose Espin

Food Recovery Specialist

Jordan Fouts

Interim Director of Development

Samantha “Sam” Gallagher

Distribution Center & Facilities Coordinator

Caroline Hissong

Sr. Communications & Marketing Manager

Caroline works to support We Don’t Waste’s community outreach efforts by writing, creating, and editing web and social media content. When she’s not working with partners or volunteers she is usually scribbling in Photoshop.

In her spare time, Caroline enjoys spending time outside in the sun accompanied by a good sci-fi novel or her sketchbook.

Caroline loves working for We Don’t Waste, because she gets to pay-it-forward to the community and to the planet, both of which lend to so much of her happiness.

Allie Hoffman

Director of Impact & Engagement

Allie enjoys sharing We Don’t Waste’s mission and impact with the world. You’ll typically find her developing relationships with hunger-relief advocates, evaluating the impact of We Don’t Waste’s programs, and developing new strategies and messages to better serve the community.

In her spare time, you’ll find Allie hiking, baking, and spending time in her garden (as long as it isn’t covered in snow)! Allie loves diy projects and all of the animals.

We Don’t Waste is important to Allie because food is deeply connected to our health, traditions, celebrations, and environment. She loves that she gets to work every day to ensure that all people have access to healthy food.

Jessica LeCortz

Sr. Development & Events Manager

Jessica helps We Don’t Waste with fundraising activities and planning events. She loves building relationships with supporters and is excited to be part of this wonderful organization.

On the weekends you can find Jessica trying to keep up on a hike with her border collie, trying a new recipe, or exploring a new part of the state.

Jessica believes in We Don’t Waste’s mission because she views getting quality food into the hands of struggling families while keeping it out of the landfill is a win-win. She’s honored to work for an organization that has such an incredible and tangible impact on both our community and our environment. 

Julia Lennon

Sr. Program Manager: Education & Advocacy

Julia enjoys educating people about the environmental and social impacts of food waste. You will often find her at our Mobile Food Markets, working with the Operations Team to provide free food to families in our community. You can also find her presenting to groups, both young and old, about We Don’t Waste’s mission, food waste, hunger, nutrition, and what we can all do to make an impact! 

On the weekends you can find Julia hiking, skiing, or enjoying time with friends in the park! 

As one of We Don’t Waste’s most passionate environmentalists, Julia loves working towards an equitable and sustainable food system, where all can achieve food security, while protecting our beautiful planet! 

Katie Malarkey

Director of Human Resources

Katie is passionate about the people of We Don’t Waste. Katie works to enhance the employee experience and develop a positive workplace culture. Her goal is to create a strong work-life balance for all staff, so employees can focus their attention on the We Don’t Waste mission and their passions outside the office.

She loves that We Don’t Waste is innovative and creative in addressing food insecurity and the environmental impacts of food waste. The people of We Don’t Waste are amazing!

Khadijah Mohamed

Food Recovery Manager

I thoroughly enjoy the work I get to do for We Don’t Waste. A day in my role may include organizing in the distribution center, connecting with fellow community members, creating new hire trainings, optimizing truck routes, standardizing procedures and policies to help We Don’t Waste scale up, teaching food safety and quality control practices, and teaching random produce knowledge that I thought I’d never need to know again. I love the variability because it keeps the day fun and interesting so there’s never a dull moment. I feel grateful and honored to work with such an amazing and passionate team within a conscious and inclusive organization while uplifting folks who are struggling with food insecurity on a daily basis.

In my free time, I love visiting hot springs all around Colorado, especially those that have cold rivers nearby for hot/cold plunges!

It felt like divine intervention when I stumbled upon the job listing. The company’s mission and values match my passions, and the job description was nearly identical to my experience. I knew in my bones that I had to apply and I’m so glad that I did.

Lauren Pollitt

Sr. Nutrition Education Coordinator

Lauren enjoys educating people about the environmental and nutritional impacts of food waste. You’ll typically find her cooking at our Mobile Food Markets, teaching families in our community ways they can utilize foods they may not often know what to do with. You can also find her educating students about We Don’t Waste’s mission, food waste, food insecurity, nutrition, and what we can all do to make a positive impact on the environment.

In her spare time, you can find Lauren snowboarding, hiking, paddle boarding, and spending time with friends.

As We Don’t Waste’s resident nutritionist, Lauren loves being part of an organization with a goal to achieve food security while also working towards protecting our planet.

Gina Parker

Video Production Intern

Arlan Preblud


Sergio Reyes

Food Recovery Specialist

Hasan Robinson

We Rescue Program Coordinator

Hasan previously worked in the software industry and is the newest member of the Impact & Engagement team as our We Rescue Program Coordinator. For the foreseeable future, Hasan will be assisting our Operations team with Distribution Center Pick Up’s, attending markets and getting to know our We Rescue program.

A few fun facts about Hasan are that he likes music (hip hop , rap, funk in particular), he likes to read (non fiction ,philosophy, psychology, rap biographies and history books) and continues to love and play video games. Recommendations are his love language, so strike up a conversation. Hasan uses the pronouns he/him.

Drew Sanford

Fleet Manager

Drew drives (pun intended) We Don’t Waste’s mission forward. He’s involved in many of the seemingly little details that keep We Don’t Waste running smoothly. Ranging from keeping our inventory up-to-date to ensuring that our vehicles are in good working order, Drew is an integral part of the team.

Drew always has something to say and is quick to share a joke.

Drew says that, to him, We Don’t Waste’s mission means “hope for the future.”

Alaina Shields

Farmlink Fellow

Sam Talarczyk

Director of Programs & Operations

Sam spends his day shares his love for cooking and healthy food with the local community. Whether at the warehouse or out on the trucks delivering to partner agencies, Sam strives to build sustainable relationships that will help to put an end to hunger in Denver.

Sam loves Colorado because, no matter the season, there is bountiful opportunity for fun in the sun!

When asked what most inspires him about We Don’t Waste’s mission, Sam said, “I believe the true power in our mission lies within the fact that by redistributing food to our local community, not only are we feeding those in need, but we are also helping to combat environmental issues, boosting Denver’s economy, and shedding light on a variety of socioeconomic and cultural issues. The simplicity of We Don’t Waste, coupled with this multifaceted impact is incredibly inspiring!”

Our Board

Michael Richards

Board President
Retired VP, General Counsel & Secretary, DCP Midstream Partners, LP

Shannon Garcia-Lewis

Board Vice President
Executive Level HR Consultant and Coach

Matt Kelly

Board Treasurer
CFO, Thrive Development Company

Bruce Kirchhoff

Board Secretary
Retired VP, General Counsel and Secretary, Royal Gold, Inc.

Jorge De La Torre, M.Ed.

Board Director
Director of Culinary Education, Kitchen Network-Park Hill Campus

Allison Fries

Board Director
Firefly Consulting

Adam Hammond

Board Director
National Account Manager, Steven Charles – A Dessert Company

Sherry Johnson

Board Director
Director, Corporate Social Responsibility, CoBank

Charles Jordy

Board Director
CEO, Jordy Construction

Lisana Muñoz

Board Director
Deputy Director, Agency for Human Rights & Community Partnerships, City and County of Denver 

Clare Wilson

Board Director
Vice President and Treasurer, M.D.C. Holdings, Inc.