National Peach Month: Make A Peach Pie With Us

August 22, 2023

All our Colorado supporters know that peach season is in full swing here. Our friends over at Early Morning Orchard–who focus on appropriate land stewardship and regenerative agricultural techniques–came by this week with a donation of their gorgeous Palisade Peaches, and we are so excited to be able to distribute this quality produce to our nonprofit partners and Mobile Food Market participants. 

This is not only National Peach Month, but August 24 is National Peach Pie Day as well. So we thought there is no better time to share recipes for a delightful peach pie than now. 

Now, we here at We Don’t Waste also know that canned fruits are just as nutritious and delicious as their freshly picked counterparts. Did you know that’s because canned or frozen fruits and veggies are processed within hours of being harvested? This can sometimes lead to canned and frozen options having MORE nutritional value than fresh options because there isn’t any time for natural degradation of vitamins and minerals. 

There’s also the added benefit of canned options being an affordable way to get in those servings of produce, especially during the off season for different fruits and vegetables. So if the thought of baking a peach pie in the height of this August heat seems like too much, maybe a delayed celebration is the way to go now that you know those preserved options are just as tasty and nutritious. 

We Don’t Waste is happy to get food in any of its forms to the communities we serve. If you’d like to support our vision of feeding people, not landfills, consider volunteering. If time is not a resource you can share, consider becoming a monthly donor to sustain all our programming from food recovery, to food distribution, to education.