March 14, 2022

Have you ever wondered how we are able to recover so much food, and immediately get it out into the community? The primary way we distribute food is not our Mobile Food Markets, (although those are very popular) but through our nonprofit partners, who in turn feed the communities they serve. 

Most of the food we recover is immediately redirected to one of many nonprofits providing food at no cost to their participants. Whether it takes the form of a snack bar, a grab-n-go produce fridge, or fully prepared meals, we work with our partners to provide the highest quality food and fulfill the dietary needs of their communities. 

We recover and deliver this food for free, and through these partnerships, we are able to provide the food to organizations serving many different groups in need. 

One of our partners, Denver Rescue Mission, has been a longtime food recipient of We Don’t Waste. The Mission has been at work since 1892 serving Denver’s homeless population, providing emergency services, rehabilitation, transitional programs, community outreach, and of course, warm meals!

“Being able to serve somebody food that you have poured your heart into is a special thing. The hope is that our meals provide a sense of dignity and respect to the people we serve; that’s what matters most.”  – Denver Rescue Mission Chef 

The relationship with food recovery is reciprocal as well. If there is food on-hand that Denver Rescue Mission does not need, they contact us, and we are able to redistribute the excess food to other organizations in the area. 

Through this process, we are able to minimize the food that goes to waste and maximize the access to food in our community. 

“The food is good and it feels good to come off the street and be acknowledged by goodhearted people.” – Denver Rescue Mission Guest

The food we provide to these communities is not just about ending the day with a full belly, but also regaining a sense of human dignity, belonging, and connection to their community. Good food provides the energy people need to pursue second chances and new opportunities and can help break the cycles of instability that come with experiencing homelessness. In some cases, these meals even save lives. 

Denver Rescue Mission is now serving more than 815,000 meals a year! To put that in perspective, that’s over 2,200 meals a day. We are proud to partner with an organization that has provided integral support in our homeless community for over a century. 

By being a member of the We Don’t Waste community, you are helping us provide food to over 90 nonprofit organizations like the Denver Rescue Mission, serving the most vulnerable members of our population. Our community is healthier, happier, and more hopeful because of these free meals — thank you for being a part of the movement to end food waste and food insecurity.

If you’d like to further support our work, please consider donating today!