Recap: Food Waste Prevention Week

April 9, 2024

Well everyone, we wrapped up another successful Food Prevention Week! We hope you joined us as a #foodwastehero but, in case you missed it, we wanted to give y’all a recap of all the useful tips and tricks shared on our Facebook and Instagram

At the beginning of the week, we shared some super fridge tips, starting off with the use of an “Eat Now” section. This is a designated spot in your fridge where you put everything that needs to be eaten ASAP! This can be fresh foods that don’t have much life left, anything you’ve purchased a duplicate of (we’ve all been there, right?) or leftovers. The next day, we stayed in the fridge, but shifted the focus over to safe storage habits. Check out the chart below to let you know what produce is better off in your fridge, and what is better off being stored at room temperature. 

On Thursday, we promoted leftover night! Did you know the average American family wastes $1500 due to food waste? To avoid the double whammy of lost food AND lost money, commit your household to having a designated leftover night! Any food that is still good to your senses can be cleared out by eating leftovers as they are, or repurposing ingredients from past meals into new meals! Leftover nights can be as high or low energy as you want – whatever works for you and your family. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out some recipes here.  

Friday was answering the age-old question of: to eat, or not to eat? We’ve all looked at a food that’s sat a bit too long and wondered, is that too far gone, or will I be okay to eat this? Thankfully, with eatortoss.com, there’s an easy way to find the answer! Maybe you’ll even learn along the way that something you would have thrown out is perfectly edible the way it is. For example, did you know that a sprouted sweet potato is 100% edible? 

We closed out Food Waste Prevention Week with ways to keep the momentum going! One of the most impactful ways to keep food waste prevention at the forefront of our minds is to volunteer with organizations that fight against food waste (organizations such as We Don’t Waste)! If you’re interested in exploring opportunities to donate your time, check out our schedule of upcoming events. 

You’ll find a scorecard just below, where you can tally up points to see how your actions as a food waste hero add up. Be sure to share it on social media, and tag us at @WeDontWaste on Instagram, @WeDontWasteDenver on Facebook, or @WeDontWaste on TikTok!