SNAP benefits are getting slashed—here’s how you can help.

February 24, 2023

The emergency allotments that came in tandem with the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 are now coming to an end. The Consolidated Appropriations Act, a 2023 law recently passed by Congress, ends emergency allotments after the February 2023 issuance. This means by March 2023, all SNAP households’ benefits will return to pre-pandemic amounts, without the added supplement.

What does this mean for SNAP households in Colorado? In the coming months, there are going to be some major changes in the benefits received through SNAP and Social Security. The average household will be losing around $90 a month in SNAP benefits, with senior citizens on Social Security losing over $240 a month in SNAP benefits. 

The daily recommended minimum amount of money for food per individual in Colorado ranges from $11 to $13 depending on your preferred diet. For a household with limited income, this change will likely lead to skipped meals and detrimental nutrition and health outcomes.

The USDA recommends impacted families do the following:

What can YOU do to help? 

Make a gift to We Don’t Waste to help support increased food access across Colorado. In the last few months, We Don’t Waste has seen record numbers of attendance at each of our Mobile Food Markets, along with a significant waitlist for agency partners, and we anticipate we will be seeing a greater number of families in need of more support in the coming months. As such, we have plans to grow our market initiatives and food distribution efforts across the metro area. 

$25 provides over 160 meals through We Don’t Waste’s food distribution. Your gift is maximized to provide as much nutritious food as possible to vulnerable communities. 

Make an even greater impact by becoming a monthly donor. By doing so, you sustain our programs and allow We Don’t Waste to be consistent in our services to our community. 

Spread the word. Food insecurity is not an issue you can see by looking at someone, and it can be impossible to know who in your circle is affected and who is not. You can positively impact so many of your community members, neighbors, and friends by helping to spread the word about available resources.

211 Colorado Hotline is a free, confidential, and multilingual hotline that connects Colorado residents with free and low-cost programs and services across the state, ranging from food access to healthcare. This is a go-to resource, and registration and documentation are not required. 

Share We Don’t Waste’s calendar of Mobile Food Markets. These markets are open to everyone, and provide free food access in different neighborhoods across the Greater Denver metro area. 

Hunger Free Colorado has a food resource map and hotline that locates food pantries and more based on age, location, and the type of food needed. The hotline is confidential and supports 150+ languages.