Celebrating Earth Month— Upcoming Events, Volunteer Opportunities, and More!

March 29, 2023

Taking care of our environment is a necessity as stewards of our planet, and it is up to all of us to protect and to celebrate the natural world. Earth month is a perfect time to reflect on all of the beauty we’re surrounded by in our beautiful state of Colorado, and to get our hands dirty and give back to mother earth. 

Here are some things you can do right now to celebrate the planet. 

  1. Try an At-Home Food Waste Audit. 

Our Education & Engagement team put together a free curriculum for you to try to reduce food waste at home! In three weeks you can learn how to cook with less waste, store food correctly (yes, this is more difficult than you might think), and how to prep your kitchen to create less waste before you do your next grocery run. 

The benefits are twofold: you end up saving money on food that doesn’t go to waste, and by preventing good food from ending up in our landfills you are preventing methane and CO2 emissions! You’re sold now, right?

Learn More About the At-Home Food Waste Audit
  1. Register to Vote for our Planet 

One of the ways you can make a huge impact with minimal effort is to make sure that you vote! Check to see if you’re registered here. If you want to learn about legislation We Don’t Waste is supporting, check out our advocacy page here, and make your voice heard!

  1. Share your knowledge with the world!

Let the world know you care! It is important to share your care for the planet with others and to rub off your good habits on them. In the age of the internet, information overload is a part of our daily lives, but your friends and family are likely to trust you as a source of information. Share posts on social about the environmental issues you care about. Talk about how you’ll be voting at brunch with friends. Habits like these help others to understand that they aren’t alone in caring, and can create a community-wide ripple effect of change. 

  1. Support We Don’t Waste

Caring for the planet through food waste reduction is intrinsically a part of We Don’t Waste’s work. Every serving of food on a plate means fewer emissions in our atmosphere. Sign up for an upcoming volunteer shift, make a donation, and watch your gift lead to changed lives and a healthier planet.

  1. Go for walk

We’re not kidding! Get up, find a park nearby, go for a walk and take a deep breath. If it’s not too cold out, take your shoes off and walk around barefoot. You’re doing the hard work of protecting our beautiful green and blue planet, you should reap the rewards too! 

  1. Attend an Earth-Centric Event

Here are some community events coming up that we think you’ll enjoy. There are a variety of options, including some family-friendly focused fun! Earth month is a celebration for everyone after all! 

That is only a small slice of the total events going on all month, so keep an eye out for more activities, volunteer opportunities, and celebrations!