180 Million servings of food Recovered and distributed since 2009

You can put free, nutritious meals on the tables of Denver’s families experiencing food insecurity. Everyone deserves a full belly, and all of the health, energy, happiness, and GOOD that food provides.


We’re doubling the recipe and making your gift twice as effective! We Don’t Waste is proud to partner with CoBank and PB&K Family Foundation to match your gift this holiday giving season all the way up to $100,000!

what does your gift do?

By making a donation to We Don’t Waste, you’re supporting a community of over 90 trusted nonprofits that are fighting hunger in Denver every day. We Don’t Waste recovers excess food from local businesses and distributes it for free to soup kitchens, food pantries, schools, churches, senior housing facilities, and so much more. Your gift will change countless lives

Manuela & Oscar

“Good food is your source of energy. It takes you through the day. You aren’t thinking about your empty stomach or how tired you are. You can make it through the day. It’s good in so many ways.” – Manuela

Manuela homeschools her 5 children and works part-time to help keep food on the table. She also attends Mobile Food Markets for consistent, nutritious food. “Meals are a big deal for my family. We’re grateful for the time together.”

Matt & Anna

“We Don’t Waste brings a variety of items that are more fresh than other options I see in the food bank. It is always exciting to go on Thursday afternoon, thanks to We Don’t Waste. ” – Matt & Anna’s Mom

We Don’t Waste’s food deliveries to partner agency BeyondHome feed 160 vulnerable families each week. Every family gets three grocery bags full of whatever food (and snacks for school) they want! “It’s really helped transform my kids’ view of food. They look forward to meals now.”

Monique & Elijah

“I have a large family, 5 kids. And my grandmother lives with us. And me and my husband. It’s a lot of cooking—sometimes 3 or 4 meals a day! The food here helps keep us happy and healthy.” – Monique

There is always a variety of foods and spices at the market, so Monique loves to get creative in the kitchen to keep mealtime exciting for her family. “I love the spices I get. Food is art. There is so much you can create with it. Everyone should be able to enjoy food like this.”

Other Ways to Support Our Work

There are lots of ways to join the We Don’t Waste family and get involved in food recovery in Denver! Check out ways to get your friends and family involved with a fundraiser, or get involved as a volunteer in one of our many opportunities in person and on mobile. We can’t wait to work with you!

Create a Peer to peer fundraiser

Create a Peer to Peer Fundraiser this Colorado Gives Day and draw on your community of friends and family for support! Your impact will be huge, and it only takes a few minutes of your time! Create a page, tell your friends and family about it, and count the meals as they stack up. (We’ve even created a toolkit for you to use to make it super simple)!

LEarn More about food waste

It’s a huge issue in the U.S., but the consequences of food waste are rarely understood. Learn about what you can do to reduce food waste at home, and how we can all make a huge difference in our community and for our planet. Get your school, your office, or your book club involved with a free presentation or a food waste audit.


Get hands-on with food recovery and support food access in your community. We offer a variety of opportunities every week, from grocery bag packing to food distribution, to food recovery from an app on your phone, there’s something for everyone to enjoy doing while helping their community!

Additional ways to give