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Mobile Food Markets

Due to COVID-19, all Mobile Food Markets will be held as drive-thru food distributions until further notice.

Debido a COVID-19, todos los mercados de alimentos estarán distribuciones de alimentos en automovil hasta nuevo aviso.

Dates and Times of Free Drive-Thru Food Markets / Fechas y Horarios de los Mercados de Alimentos Gratuitos


Día de la semana
April 13
13 abril
1:00-3:00 Focus Points/Our Lady of Grace 2645 E. 48th Ave. Denver 80216
April 17
17 abril
1:00-3:00 North Middle School 12095 E Montview Blvd. Aurora 80010
April 20
20 abril
1:00-3:00 Presentation of Our Lady Church 695 Julian St. Denver 80204
April 23
23 abril
11:00 am-1:00 pm Lalo Delgado Campus 3201 W. Arizona Ave. Denver 80219
April 27
27 abril
11:00 am – 2:00 pm True Light Baptist Church 14333 E Bolling Dr. Denver 80239

In the Metro Denver area, there are approximately 50 food deserts–neighborhoods without access to affordable, fresh, and nutritious foods. People who live in these neighborhoods often rely on fast food and convenience stores for food, or they have to travel long distances to the closest grocery stores, which presents barriers for those without transportation or those who have mobility challenges.

Compounding this problem, many of these neighborhoods don’t have a food pantry, or the existing food pantries aren’t able to fully meet the community need (due to limited funding, staffing, storage capacity, etc.).

To address this problem, We Don’t Waste developed a Mobile Food Market to reach further into the community, serving people with healthy, nutritious food, such as fresh fruit, vegetables, lean protein, and dairy.

The Mobile Food Market is a monthly opportunity where everyone in need can come to shop for FREE food. Attendees are able to select the items that they want and need. We cannot guarantee specific food items ahead of time, but will have a selection of produce, dairy, proteins, bakery products, and shelf-stable products.

The Market is free and open to everyone!

La despensa de comida móvil es una oportunidad mensual cuando quien sea que tenga necesidad puede obtener a comida GRATIS. Los participantes pueden elegir los productos que quieren y necesitan. No podemos garantizar que productos específicos se ofrecerán cada semana, pero tendremos una selección amplia de frutas y verduras, productos lácteos, panes, y productos no perecederos.

¡La despensa está ABIERTO y GRATIS para todos!

Focus Points Family Resource Center: 2501 East 48th Ave., Denver

    • 2nd Tuesday of every month (el segundo Martes del mes) 10 am – 12 pm
      • No need to arrive before 9 am (No es necesario llegar antes de las 9 a.m.)

Garden Place Academy: 4425 Lincoln St., Denver

    • 4th Tuesday of every month (el cuatro Martes del mes) 3 pm – 5 pm

If you’re interested in volunteering, please view our available volunteer shifts.

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